Support Safe Rides in Africa (SSARAF)

A social enterprise project. We import and sell the used bicycles to solve beneficiaries’ basic needs and/or issues.

Since August 2018, LWD started a bicycle social enterprise in the purpose of fighting against teenage pregnancies among young girls in Rwanda. In this regard, a SSARAF program has been started to ensure the following activities are done under this social enterprise:

  1. Provide internship/vocational training opportunities for youths (ages 13-29) in the bike industry
  2. Increase access to bikes as an affordable form of transportation for the Rwandan residents, especially girls and women.
  3. Create a sustainable bicycle social enterprise that generates income, provides jobs and supports social projects.
  4. Organize community-based biking events to raise awareness about the rights of youths, in particular the sexual and reproductive health and rights (which can support reduced rates of both pregnancy and early marriage among teenage girls).
  5. Design projects that use bicycling-related activities to reduce early pregnancy and early marriage among girls and overall bring positive social changes to the community.

Program Partners

We are truly grateful to our valued partners